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Iron Chef Challenge

“Chopped” or "Iron Chef" Team Building

This class is designed for a true culinary competition. Using our 2 kitchens, teams will be divided into 2 groups and they will each create their own unique recipes with the guidance of their own dedicated chef.
All classes will involve:
-2 teams that must battle for the “main” ingredients including a starch, meat, vegetable, and dessert item
-dedicated chefs helping to guide each team
-a selection of mutual ingredients to choose from

-2.5 hours of hands-on cooking and creating! 

-each team will be judged in taste and presentation by a local chef from our neighboring restaurant chefs (if available)

-Everyone eats what was made (Note: All food must be eaten here, we are not allowed to send anything home per the Health Department)

Cost starts at $75 per person with a 12 person minimum/ 30 max

*NOTE: All events paid buy purchase order or corporate check will have an automatic 18% gratuity added to the total.

Event Requirements

All Iron Chef events have a 12 person minimum.

Gratuity is not included.

Iron Chef events are billed for the amount that was RSVP’d for or more. No discount for less attendees than RSVP amount.

Parties using a PO or corporate check will have 18% gratuity added to the total

Events are 2 to 2.5 hours long.

$100 deposit required to hold the date. Deposit is 100% refundable with 4 weeks or more prior to the date, 50% with 2 or more weeks prior. No refund with less than 2 weeks prior.


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