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Daisies and Brownies

Make It, Eat It Badge

The Scouts must complete the following activities to earn the badge.

1. Keeping it Clean: Instructor will talk about Proper Food Handling Techniques and Kitchen Safety.

2. Something for everyone: Collect food that can be donated to shelters or a food bank. Each scout can bring a few canned goods to the field trip to fulfill this requirement. We will then take it to a food bank.
3. Make a Healthy Recipe

Activity 3 will be a healthy cooking option:
-Whole Wheat Pizzas and Smoothies

$350 for first 10 scouts/ $30 for each additional.

1.5 hour class

*Does not include the badge

If the troop is not able to meet the minimum requirement, siblings and friends are welcome to join

All events have 2 Chef instructors.

Events with more than 18 Scouts WILL have an additional $75 charge for an extra Chef instructor.

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