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Party Add-ons

Gift Bags
Guests will leave with kitchen utensils so they can cook at home. Bags include 3 useful utensils such as spatula, wooden spoon, measuring cups, whisk, etc. Items can vary.

They also include Candy and Recipe card.

$8 per bag

For more cooking fun, add one of these extra hands-on activities:

Cupcake Decorating
Guests will learn piping techniques as they decorate their own cupcake with 2 different colored frostings
$5 per guest extra (10 cupcake minimum)

Ice Cream Bar
Guest will make their own Ice Cream Sundae with 2 scoops of ice cream, chocolate and caramel syrup, sprinkles, whip cream, and a cherry on top
$10 per guest with a 10 guest minimum

Guests will make their own 8oz milkshake with whipcream and sprinkles on top.
$5 per guest with a 10 guest minimum

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