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Birthday Party FAQ's

How early should I book the event?

We recommend at least a month in advance if not 2.


What time and days do you offer parties?

We offer parties on Fridays at any open time and Saturday and Sundays at 11:00AM, 1:30PM, or 4:00PM.


How long are the parties?

They are all 2 hours long.


Can I add extra time, 2 hours doesn’t seem long enough?

We have perfected the flow for the parties to include all the activities such as Hat Decorating, Food prep, Eating, Gift opening(or game), and Birthday cake. You can add additional time at $100 per half hour with prior notification.


Can we bring in outside food?

Yes. We have a 20ft long “Parent Bar” that you can set up whatever you like although we cannot heat anything up for you or store items in our refrigerator. You are also responsible for plates, cups, ice, bowl, utensils, etc for the adult food. We provide everything for the kids, not the adults.

How early can I arrive for my party?

15 minutes prior to the start time would be the earliest. Many times there are parties before yours and you wouldn't be able to set up any earlier.


Can I bring my own cupcakes to decorate or any other cooking activity?

No. We provide a cupcake decorating option along with others that you can add to the party for an additional fee.


How many kids can attend the party?

We can only accommodate up to 16 kids max. 12 for the base  package price and $25 each addition after the first 12.


I see that your base price is based off the first 12 kids but I only have 6, can I get a discount?

No. Our facility is dedicated to your child's party and no other event will be going on at the same time. Therefore the cost is based off the rental and time.


Can I bring in outside entertainment such as a character or face painter?

Our parties offer plenty of entertainment for the kids but if you want to bring more you would be required to buy extra time as the 2 hours only fit our schedule.


Are you able to accommodate for food allergies?

Yes with prior notification. Our parties are nut free and we can offer gluten and dairy alternatives. Although, we do have limitations.


Are the parents counted in the guest count?

No. Only those that are participating in the cooking will be considered a guest.


Is the birthday child included in the first 12 kids?



Can I bring in aprons for the kids to decorate with paint and pens?

No. We can’t use our food prep tables as art tables.


Can I bring in Ice Cream to go along with the Birthday cake?

Yes but it can only be 1 flavor.


What is your cancellation policy?

If you cancel the party with more than 4 weeks prior you will receive a full refund. If you cancel the party with more than 2 week prior you will receive a 50% refund. If you cancel the party with less than 2 weeks prior there is no refund.

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