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Kids Classes FAQ's

How do I sign my child up for classes?

Give us a call as we do not have online registration for our regular Monday-Thursday evening classes.



What do the kids learn in the classes?

Kids will learn different culinary skills from measuring, mixing, kneading, chopping, dicing, sautéing, etc. They will also learn to use different kitchen utensils like peelers, blenders, mandolins, mixers, knife sharpening, etc… along with kitchen safety, science, social skills, and more. All classes are hands-on.

Can parents stay to observe the kids cooking?

No. We ask that parents only drop off/pick up their children. We have found that by not having the parents stay creates a far less distracting environment. You can observe the kids outside by viewing through our large windows.

My child is advanced in the kitchen, will they be challenged enough in the class?

Yes! We guarantee that we will be able to capture your child’s attention and teach them new things about the kitchen. Perhaps they may be strong on baking but need to learn knife skills. We do a wide variety of foods to prepare the kids for this life skill.

Will my child have their own ingredients, bowls, burners and full access to the kitchen just like they do on Master Chef Junior?

No. Although our classes are hands on, we run them in an organized learning environment where the students will all learn together in a controlled and safe setting. Our hope is that the kids learn the steps and methods needed for the recipe and then go home to repeat what they learned in your kitchen. Perhaps after many classes they can audition for Master Chef Junior and make it on the show like some of our past students have!


Do you offer 1 time classes?

Yes! We offer 1 time classes on Monday's a 4:00pm (given space is available)

My child is a picky eater, will they like what they made?

Yes! We have found that the picky eaters are more likely to try new foods because they made it and they learned exactly what went in the dish.

Some parents have found our classes to be therapeutic to their child in that they are more open to try different foods.


My child signed up for a 4-class session and they missed a class, what is the make-up policy?

We do not allow make-up classes. If the student misses a class the class is forfeited. Classes are run in 4 week consecutive class sessions and have a limited capacity. We DO NOT bank classes for future weeks. However, they will receive the recipes from the class they missed.

My child can't attend class every week, are there any options?

Yes. We do offer 1-time classes on Monday's at 4:00pm. Please call to reserve a spot as our classes have a limited capacity. Signing up for  a full 4-week session is the only way to guarantee a seat for your child

My child regularly attends the Wednesday night class but they have something planned next week, can they come on a different day?

No. Our classes tend to be filled to capacity so there is no room in other class days and times.


My child has allergies or specific diet restrictions, can you accommodate for that?

We are very aware of the prevalent allergies that are showing up in kids these days. We usually can omit the item they are allergic to from their portion such as nuts.

If the child has a gluten, dairy, or other allergy, we do our best to accommodate the child but there is only so much we can do.

If the child can only eat food that is Kosher or vegetarian, parents are welcome to bring in the ingredient that meets their requirement.

If the child is vegan, it is very difficult for us to accommodate as that requires a completely different ingredient selection. What we would suggest if they want to attend is to go with what we are using in the meal but not eat it. Then, when they are home trying the recipes they can use the appropriate ingredient that fits their diet.

My Child is only interested in baking, do you offer those classes?

Yes we do. We offer a week of all baking during our summer camps (sign up up early, it always sells out) and we incorporate baking into our regular weekly classes when appropriate, such as bread making, pizza, calzone, etc.

We lost our Gift Certificate, can I get a replacement?

No, sorry. Our Gift Certificates are unique for each recipient are not numbered. They must be treated like money

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