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Home School FAQ's

I am part of a home school charter, how do I sign my child up?

First:  Contact us to check on class availability 909-625-7505
Second: If there is space, contact your ES and have them submit a PO
Third: Confirm with us prior to the class that we received the PO
A PO received without prior notification does not guarantee your child a seat.

Our charter PO didn’t come in time for the first class, can my child still attend?

Yes. What we require is an out of pocket payment for a 1-time class for the first day of the session ($35). Once the PO is received, we will refund that amount back.

We can’t attend the entire session; can we just pay for what we can attend?

No. We only accept charter funds for the entire 4-week session.

We will miss a week during the session, how do we make it up

We do not offer make ups for any reason. A missed class is a lost class.

Can we use our charter funds for a week-long camp?

Yes. Charter funds can be used for multi-day events. Although our camps tend to sell out early so we do require the deposit to be paid out of pocket which will then be refunded once the PO has been received.

We want to try just a single class; can we use our charter funds for one class?

No. We only accept charter funds for full 4-week sessions or other multi-day events. You are welcome to pay out of pocket for a 1-time class if space is available.

Can we use our charter funds for a birthday party?


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