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-Any concerns

Cost is $100 which includes 4-classes only

Open Weeblo/ Cub Scout "Cast Iron Chef" Merit Badge 

January 16th, 6:00 to 8:00 SOLD OUT

Cub Scouts only

We now offer a merit badge program for Cub Scouts. This workshop is open to all Dens. Here is what they learn:

-Scout will prepare a Cowboy Dinner (Ground beef, carrot, onions and potatoes wrapped in foil) and Campfire Biscuits with Honey Butter in class. They will learn kitchen safety and knife skills.

-Scout will use the Cowboy Dinner recipe to develop a budget in class. They will also use this to complete the purchasing and cost section. 

-Scouts will eat what they make in class.


Sections 1 & 2 on the worksheet will be completed in this program. Section 3 is not covered in class. 


- Class B uniforms are fine during this event.

- Please bring a copy of the worksheet and a pencil to class.

$35 per Scout

Click this following link for the work sheets


By making a reservation you agree to our class policies



Join as a Chefs Club Member and registration is only $29.00. SAVE $30.00!

Each member receives:

· (4) 90-minute classes per month (Once per week/Mon-Thurs only)

· Backpack, binder, and apron ($25.00 VALUE)

· 3 complimentary passes for friends ($105.00 VALUE)

*Minimum 2 consecutive sessions enrollment required($120 per session). Ages 6 to 17

Classes are ran in 4 week sessions. Please call to find out start dates.


Cost is $269 which includes registration fee, 2 sessions of classes (8 classes), and member's kit.



Offer includes:

-(4) 90-minute classes (Mon-Thurs only)

-No registration fee needed (Does not include the chefs club member kit)

-Regular cost is $140.00. SAVE $20.00!

*Class sessions have specific start and end dates and must be started during certain weeks. Classes must be attended in consecutive weeks. No make ups for missed classes.

For ages 6 to 17

$110 for a 4-class session

Tasty New Year! 2 SPOTS LEFT
January 2nd-4th 9:00-12:00pm
Ages 6-14

Time to ring in the New Year with some tasty treats. Kids will learn to make Pizza, Fresh Pasta w/ Alfredo Sauce, S'Mores Doughnuts, Belgian Waffles, and More!

$150 for all 3 days

Call 909-625-7505 to reserve a spot


By making a reservation you agree to our class policies

Homemade Tamales 2 SPOTS LEFT
October 24th 5:00 to 7:00 pm

Learn to prepare tamales for any occasion! We'll cover preparing basic masa, making a variety of fillings, and then teaching wrapping techniques using cornhusks. Everyone will enjoy what they made!​

$50 per person       Call 909-625-7505 to make a reservation


By making a reservation you agree to our class policies

President's Day Camp SOLD OUT
February 20th 9:00-12:00pm
Ages 6-14

Time to celebrate our great president's with delicious comfort foods. Kids will learn to make Homemade Pasta, Fresh Marinara Sauce, Garlic Knots, and Chocolate Trifle.

$55 per person

By making a reservation you agree to our class policies

Kids Favorite Foods From Around the World

April 17th to 19th 9:00am-12:00pm

Ages 6 to 14

Spring is in the air and the kids are on break from school, have them join us for our 3-day international camp. The kids will learn to make Orange Chicken, Stir Fried Rice, Cheese Ravioli w/ Homemade Marinara, Garlic Knots, Savory Chicken Crepes, Creme Brulee', and more!

 $155 per person for all 3 days


By making a reservation you agree to our class policies
Thanksgiving Bootcamp SOLD OUT

November 23rd & 24th

9:00am to 12:00pm

Ages 6 to 14

Have the kids join us while they are off for the holiday week. In these 2 days they will learn to cook Thanksgiving favorites such as Seasoned Turkey, Creamy Mashed Potatoes and Gravy, Stuffing, Homemade Apple Pies, and more! With everything they learn, they can help with dinner on Thanksgiving!

$95 for both days

Simple Sauces

October 9th 5:00 to 7:00pm

In this class you will learn how making sauces can be simple. You will learn to make Beef Tenderloin w/ Mushroom Gravy, Asparagus w/ Hollandaise Sauce, and Panacotta with Strawberry Sauce.

$50 per person


By making a reservation you agree to our class policies

Open Boy Scout Merit Badge Class 

Boy Scouts only, not for Cub Scouts

July 18th 6:00 to 8:00pm

This class is open to all troops and single scouts can sign up. We will cover all that is described below to fulfill the requirements of the badge. Space is limited to 14 Scouts and prepayment is required.

$40 per scout

  •   Here is what is covered: 1 a. -1e. 2 a.-2 e. 3 a.-3 c. Cooking page 10 b and c Cooking page 26 g and h 7 pages 32-33

  •   Here is what is not covered: 4. Cooking at home 5. Camp Cooking 6. Trail and backpacking meals.

  • In class, we will do about 45 minutes of cooking- Campfire potatoes and Campfire Biscuits with Honey Butter. These recipes can then be replicated at a campsite. We cover kitchen safety, knife skills, plus basic cooking techniques. We will then go through the book step by step, covering the above sections. 

  •   Boys should wear class B uniforms

  •   Boys need to print out, fill out completely, and bring with them the Cooking Merit Badge worksheets. Here is the link: https://meritbadge.org/wiki/images/8/87/Cooking.pdf

  • Unprepared scouts may be removed from the workshop with no refund. Scouts are always prepared.

Please call 909-625-7505 to reserve a spot

By making a reservation you agree to our class policies

Junior and Senior Chefs Classes

Ages 6 to 17

These classes are for young budding chefs looking to learn or expand their culinary skills. Class times vary based on age. Check our class schedule for details.

Our gift certificates are a paper form that can only be mailed or picked up in person. Sorry, no email option. 

After purchasing, please click HERE to give us the following information.

Name to print on the gift certificate.

Would you like us to snail mail it or pick up in person?

1-time class $30

This will offer a single class experience in our hands on classes.

Chefs Club Membership

To join as a member, cost is a one-time $59 registration fee* and then $110 a month. Members receive:

-4 classes per month, attended once a week

-apron, backpack, and binder
-3 passes to bring a friend
-Guaranteed seat in class
-free cupcake decorating option if you book your Birthday Party here

Kids Macaroons and Tart SOLD OUT

Ages 8 to 16 (No children under 8 will be admitted)

August  11th, 4:30 to 6:30pm

Kids will explore some of France’s most delicious desserts! They will learn to make French Macaroons and Tart Tatin. They will also be able to take some of the Macaroons home to share!

$45 per student

By making a reservation you agree to our class policies

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